Cleanstream - Anal Bleach with Vitamin C and Aloe


This powerful formula gently whitens your skin for visible results, leaving your skin lighter than before. Made with Vitamin C, which contains antioxidants that boost cell turnover, boost collagen, improve skin tone and help correct excess pigmentation, this care product is efficient and easy to use. Made with natural ingredients including soothing aloe, ginseng, green tea extract and citrus fruits, this formula provides impressive results. 



Powerful lightening ingredients

Creates a visual difference

Use only twice a day

Handy pump bottle pours the ideal amount

Use on the anal area or other places where you want to whiten

Gentle, impressive results

Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding

Product information 

Brand: cleanstream
Color: Transparent 
Warranty: ✓ 
Type of warranty:  
Original name:  Anal Bleach With Vitamin C And Aloe

More specifications  
Weight:  218 gram