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Anal Fantasy - Vibro Anal Beads


Break the taboo of anal sex and discover incredible pleasure with our Anal Fantasy Collection. If you've never tried anal play, these Deluxe Vibro Balls are just what you need to explore the amazing world of anal stimulation.

The Deluxe Vibro Balls are 1.25" in diameter and feature a sturdy pick-up cord for safe and easy handling. The slim weighted balls are self-satisfying and will continue to vibrate with every movement of your body. Even the slightest vibration activates the ultra-quiet vibrations for which never need batteries!Enjoy the exhilarating sensations of anal pressure and pleasure by inserting one ball at a time, and as many as you feel comfortable, before gently pulling on the firm pull cord to release each ball for even more stimulation.

Try pulling your Deluxe Vibro Balls off mid-orgasm for the most explosive climax you've ever imagined! The most important thing in anal play is to take it easy! Trying anal penetration before you are properly aroused can be unpleasant, so allow yourself to relax to enjoy the experience. Finger play is a great way to relax the anus. The anus and rectum do not have an automatic lubrication system like the vagina, so use plenty of Moist® lubricant to reduce friction and increase pleasure.

Achieving an orgasm through anal stimulation is incredibly arousing thanks to the high concentration of nerve endings in the area, and our Anal Fantasy Collection includes toys that will stimulate each of those nerves. So let yourself be carried away to a new world of backdoor happiness... the possibilities for enjoyment are endless!