Pjur - Aqua Lubricant Water Based


Pure pleasure. pjur® Aqua - our premium water-based lubricant. The quality speaks for itself.
The 'Excellent' rating given by "Stiftung Warentest", an independent German consumer organization, confirms the outstanding mucosal tolerance and microbiological quality of pjur®.

Its soft and high-quality formula is completely absorbed by the skin, leaving a beautiful silky feeling. pjur® Aqua hydrates and is never sticky. It is free from petroleum, oil and perfumes, making it very gentle on your skin and mucous membranes. pjur®

Aqua's ultra-gentle and long-lasting formula nourishes and protects against dry, damaged skin. As a CE certified medical product, it is safe and suitable for daily use. A superior quality lubricant with excellent moisturizing and skin care properties.
Whether for daily intimate enjoyment or regular body care: pjur® Aqua always feels good.