Autoblow - AI Machine Blowjob Masturbator


The Autoblow gives the most realistic blowjob of all automatic masturbators. This masturbator feels like a real mouth. It also has 10 different positions and speeds. The sleeve feels lifelike and is easy to replace and clean. For an optimal feeling it is best to use a water based lubricant use.

Important: The autoblow is suitable for most men because of a very stretchy sleeve on the inside. We only recommend not using the autoblow if the circumference of the penis is 16,5cm or larger.

  • Enjoy blowjobs that feel lifelike
  • Includes edge button: press to pause and press again for an extra boost. 
  • Feels like a real mouth 
  • Plugs into any wall outlet and doesn't require batteries 
  • Easy to clean

Product information  
Brand: Autoblow 
Color: White blue 
Warranty: ✓ Standard

Stimulation: Penis Stimulation 
Original name:  Autoblow AI Machine 

Maintenance & Use:
Suitable lubricant: water based
Cleaning: toy cleaner
Service: Manual
Vibration Type: variousëran vibrations
Vibration modes:  Variable vibration modes

Features & Dimensions:
Materials: ABS, TPE
Nutrition: Charging cable USB
Noise level: Normal 
Weight: 2010 gram
Package size: 31 x 19 x 12 cm
Height: of 21,5 cm 
Diameter: of 10 cm 
EAN: 704751344825