Scandal - Bed Restraints


Let yourself be carried away by the sensations of total immobility and hand over total control to your loved one with the Scandal Bed Restraints. The lack of movement intensifies all the sensations you experience: As you twist and turn longingly against these shackles, the whisper of your dominant in your ear will feel even more breathtaking and full of desire. Their breath will feel hotter and more radiant against your skin.

The touch of their skin with yours will feel even more electrifying than usual when you can't reach out with a touch yourself. Limitations are a great way to build trust, deepen emotional connection, and explore each other's desires in a whole new way.

The wrist and ankle cuffs are fully adjustable and have a soft and plush interior that will keep you matter how hard you push against them. The outside of the cuffs is covered in gorgeous red brocade fabric that will have you shivering in anticipation of seeing it strapped around your wrists. Your partner will love the way your body looks with your legs and arms spread wide in the most vulnerable and seductive positions.

The cuffs can be used in different positions: Try them wrapped from under the mattress or wrapped around a bedpost to keep you securely tied to the bed and spread out for your lover's pleasure. The set even includes an extension cord to keep you firmly in place on any size bed.