Beppy - Soft + Comfort SpongeTampons 8 Pieces


Beppy tampons without string give you freedom
The Beppy tampon is a soft flexible sponge that you wear internally during your period. Beppy offers invisible protection for up to 8 hours. Invisible because Beppy tampon has no string.

This way you can go to the sauna during your period with Beppy tampons without anyone seeing a string. Or swim without worrying about anything. With Beppy you can also make love cleanly and comfortably during your period. And you don't have to explain anything if you don't feel like it because your partner doesn't feel it.

With Beppy you can:
- swimming
- go to the sauna
- have sex
- going out

The Beppy tampon was developed by women doctors. An easy-to-use and hygienic comfort tampon without a cord, designed for maximum comfort and protection.

The most sold variant of Beppy is the Beppy Wet tampon, but there is also the Beppy Dry. The Beppy Dry is, as the name suggests, a dry sponge with a patented anatomical shape, with which you can have comfortable sex during menstruation. Beppy has no cord and is specially designed to give maximum comfort and protection. The Beppy Dry is therefore not the same as the Beppy Wet variant.