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La Gemmes - Butt Plug Rose Quartz


The La Gemmes butt plug is made of 100% precious stone and aluminum and can be used while masturbating or making love in the anus. By using a butt plug during sex, the sensations are increased and the orgasm can be more intense. In men, the prostate is stimulated by using a butt plug.

While masturbating or making love you can experience the healing and soothing energy of the gemstone.

Always use a lubricant that is specially made for anal sex before insertion, this lubricant provides more comfort.

How do you choose your gemstone?
You can choose a suitable gemstone for you based on your intuition, which stone appeals to you the most. You cannot choose wrong, which choice you make, that is the right choice for you at that moment. If you are not sure which stone you want, you can also choose the stone based on the energetic properties of the stone. It may be that you use a stone for a period of time and then feel that you prefer another stone, or that you want to alternate them, then trust your feeling and the process and choose what is right for you at that moment feels.

Rose quartz
Rose quartz is pink in color and slightly translucent. It is the stone of universal love and the heart. Rose quartz helps you to open up to more love, happiness and romance in your life. It supports you to love yourself more and to forgive yourself. The stone soothes sadness and helps to calm negative emotions and stress. Physically, rose quartz supports the heart, lungs, genitals and fertility.
Unconditional love, forgiveness, self-love, promotes healthy relationships.

Size: About 9 x 3,3 cm
Material: Rose quartz and aluminum
100% natural gemstone
No chemicals, silicone or plastic
No batteries required

Because the crystals are natural products and are processed by hand, each stone is unique, and the color and size of each stone differ slightly. The crystals have small imperfections because it is made of raw stone. Be careful when you store the stone, if the stone falls, the stone may break.

It is normal that a gemstone can get some cracks or even break over time, this is because the stone absorbs energy. Therefore, take good care of the stone and always check in advance whether the stone is still intact before you start using the stone.

Product information:
Brand: The Gems 
Color: Pink
Warranty: Standard
Stimulation: anal stimulation
Original name: La Gemmes - Butt Plug Rose Quartz

Maintenance & Use:
Suitable lubricant: Water-based, silicone lubricant
Cleaning: toy cleaner
Service: Manual

Features & Dimensions:
Materials: Metal 
Weight: 208 gram
Package size: 12 x 9 x 6 cm
EAN: 8717903274828