CalExotics - Hercules Silicone Cock Ring


Hercules provides a great and firm erection improvement. These rings are designed to increase endurance while providing the ultimate in comfort. They have ribbed sections and are made entirely of pure silicone. They will help you achieve a stimulating and exciting sensual experience.

Made to fit just about any size, these flexible and strong silicone rings will allow you to maintain an erection for longer, achieving longer lasting and more satisfying sexual pleasure for you, or you and your partner. By helping to regulate blood flow, these rings will keep you more than ready to take your sensuality to a more exciting level.

These erection ehancers will help you stay harder, feel more intense, and stay more stimulated, all in the most comfort imaginable. And, the pure silicone craftsmanship means you'll experience pleasure that's as safe as it is strong. Available in two colors - exciting red or midnight black - these rings will help you enjoy both self caressing and indulge your partner's every seductive whim. So for the ultimate in high quality, safe and comfortable erection enhancement, these silicone ehancers will both satisfy and satisfy.