We Vibe - Chorus


With biofeedback remote control and Touch-Sense!
C-shaped pair vibrator that spoils with 10 and more vibration modes. It is flexible and stays in position after changing to adapt to any body shape. The new AnkorLink™ technology connects to the remote control, which then connects to the paired vibrator as a signal booster and provides a better connection to the app.

This circumvents the problem of Bluetooth, which often reports connection errors in the human body. The remote itself also has a squeeze control, which amplifies the intensity of the vibrations by pressing the remote. The Chorus itself has sensors that allow control by laying hands in touch-sense mode.

The app allows remote control over long distances and to create personalized vibration modes. Vibration to the rhythm of the music is also possible. The Chorus comes with a discreet storage box in which the remote control and the vibrator can be charged. Fun is possible everywhere, because the Chorus is waterproof. Includes USB charging cable for the magnetic charging box.

Total length 7,8 x 3,3 x 4,35 cm. Silicone with PU coating.