Boneyard - Cock Strap Cock Ring

Color: Black

These must-have men's toys are designed with superior materials and manufacturing enhancing both comfort and longevity.

The powerful and iconic Boneyard brand design has a sleek soft touch silicone finish and features a superior and durable stretch. 

The medical 100% silicone snap rings come with 3 snaps on one side and 2 on the other, allowing the wearer to choose 4 sizes to find the right size. Traditionally, snap rings are made of uncomfortably hard stitched leather or rubber and until now no attempt has been made to be made of soft-touch silicone. 

Unique to themselves, these rings work synergistically with the wearer, providing endless comfort when worn under your jeans to show off that perfect bump.

You can also rest assured that they will endure the punishment of your longest playing sessions time and time again. 

Dimensions: 21cm long x 2cm wide Keeps you taller and stronger Hard 3 Snap Sizing Slots Xtreme Durability 100% Soft Touch Silicone 3 X Stretch This product is all lubricant safe, completely hypoallergenic, non-irritating and compatible with sensitive skin.

Care Instructions: Wash thoroughly with mild soap and warm water or toy cleaning machine. Pat dry and allow the product to air dry completely. Store separately.