Scandal - Corset with Cuffs


If you feel like donning something naughty and incredibly sexy tonight, delight your dominant with the Scandal Cuff Corset. You will feel beautiful and ready for anything in this luxurious red brocade corset and matching cuffs. The gorgeous lacing and trailing black ribbon will make you feel like royalty as you snap into the sensuous cuffs and give full control to your lover.

The cuffs feature a soft and plush interior that will keep your wrists feeling pampered and comfortable no matter how rough you play. The hook and loop fasteners allow for easy fixation and release, and the corset hooks onto the cuffs with universal clips making toy mixing and switching positions in a matter of seconds.

You will enjoy exploring the boundaries of trust and deepening the intimacy with your partner if you put your pleasure in their hands and let them realize all your deepest fantasies. Enjoy the excitement of knowing that you can't break free from your shackles if you surrender to your dominant's desires.

Get creative and loosen the shackles to tie your arms behind your back. Explore your naughty side and enjoy some seriously sexy power play tonight.