Electroshock - Electro Lightning Wand


Never before has a multifunctional device been as versatile as this ELECTRO SHOCK

LIGHTNING LEADER! The complete set consists of a high-frequency vibrating rod with an insulated handle, as well as 4 different glass probes for different stimulation areas. Simply snap the desired probe into the rod and adjust the electrical frequency by turning the knob at the bottom of the rod clockwise (higher) or counterclockwise (lower).

Speeding up blood circulation in the desired areas will take you to a higher level of stimulation and intensify your orgasms! The 4 different, very sturdy, glass probes are well insulated and vary in length from 11,5 cm (4.6") to 15,5 cm (6.1"). The rod itself is made of high-strength ABS and measures 21,5 cm (8.5").