Lelo - HEX Condoms Respect XL


Perfect fit with the world's first designer condom.
The HEX Respect XL is the latest addition to the luxury LELO condom range and is bigger than ever. The stylish packaging fits perfectly into the lifestyle of the user who takes sex seriously. At 58mm in diameter, Respect XL is one of the largest condoms available, and quite different from the original 54mm.

LELO HEX condoms have set the industry on fire since their launch in 2016. In just one year, HEX has become an established brand, available at 21.000 retail outlets in the United States alone, putting LELO in hundreds of thousands of homes. HEX is the industry's first success story in years and is the second generation of new sexual expression.

LELO HEX Respect XL. The designer condom.
Since the launch of HEX Original in 2016, users have been asking for multiple sizes - especially for larger sizes. So, following the FAQ, we are proud to present the new Respect XL, the 58mm diameter condom. Research has shown that men can feel a difference of up to 2 mm in the size of a condom. The 4mm difference between the Original and Respect XL, as requested by our users, gives a little more room for those who prefer a less tight condom. Because condoms that fit better also feel better.

How does LELO HEX work?
LELO HEX is strong, thin and feels sensational due to the hexagonal structure. It's the great innovation in years, and the media has called it one of the most significant advancements in condom technology in years. With its hexagonal structure, HEX provides a more sensitive and intimate sexual sensation while at the same time providing a more firm grip. Perfectly soft on the outside, textured on the inside, the hexagonal structure on the inside stretches to fit most sizes.

Individual cells: the network of cells do not compromise. With a thickness of only 0.045 - 0.055 mm, HEX is one of the thinnest condoms on the market.

Safety: HEX is not only for fun and feeling, but also meets all international safety standards. We also electronically test every condom we make to ensure the highest quality.

Unique design: the condoms are inspired by nature and mold themselves to the wearer.

- Material: natural latex
- Thickness: 0.045mm diameter: 58mm (4mm wider)
- Length: 195mm (15mm longer)
- Lightly scented
- Natural color
- Provided with lubricant (not sperm killing)