Kiiroo - Keon Masturbator and Stroker


A new standard in interactive fun
Be one of the first to enter the interactive world with the most powerful automatic masturbator for men.

Feel what you see. Live
Experiencing an insane orgasm is no exaggeration! Connect your KEON to a comprehensive list of interactive adult content produced by some of the world's leading adult sites. Feel every thrust, groan and groan in real time.

The future of masturbation is here!

Be in control
Controlling the speed and length of the stroke is at your fingertips with KEON. The tactile buttons make finding the perfect combination of strokes as easy as possible.

KEON's robust design is the perfect shape for the best grip. Holding KEON is effortless thanks to its intuitive curves. Give in to your desires without distractions or restrictions.

Forget the cumbersome and bulky male masturbators of the past. Every detail in KEON's ergonomic design is intended to enrich your most intimate moments.

KEON's elegant lighting system has an instinctive design that responds to your commands. It provides you with real-time information about connection mode, speed and battery life.

Unlike any other Stroker
Use it alone or combine it with KEON. Our new Stroker comes with a high quality sleeve designed to stimulate every part of your penis with real skin like texture and sensations.

Feel sensation
Our quest has always been to innovate and achieve the highest quality products. We created the Feel material for our new Strokers line. Our Feel formula is body safe and resembles true skin-like softness and texture.

Helix Power texture
The Feel case has an inviting internal texture designed to maximize your enjoyment. Experience the most pleasurable sensations created by the spiraling ridges as you glide to your new favorite spot.

A whole new way to connect
Navigating the new world of interactive fun is easy and safe. With the latest generation of our app, you can connect with friends, make video calls, watch interactive videos, control Bluetooth devices and text each other all in the same place.

Work anywhere in the world with your partner's device.
Pair KEON with other KIIROO products online and let your partner give you the touch you crave, no matter the distance.

Do you like what you see? feel it.
Escape to an alternate reality full of interactive fun. Combine KEON with all mobile VR goggles and interactive VR content. Experience high-quality erotic videos, filmed in 180 and 360 degrees, with stereoscopic 3D images from head to toe.