Lelo - Hex Condoms


Our world has changed. Not the condom. Until now.

LELO HEX has redesigned the condom. 7 years in development, HEX is a condom that does not compromise on pleasure, on strength or on safety. Thanks to its completely unique hexagonal structure, HEX offers a custom fit to improve the sensitivity and intimacy of sex for both partners.

Due to its revolutionary hexagonal structure, Lelo HEX is firm, thin and gives more sensation. It is the first major innovation in years and the media around the world is calling it one of the most important developments in condom technology in decades.

With the structure of 350 connected hexagons, HEX allows to give more feeling and more intimate sexual sensation. A better fit ensures that the HEX does not slip. Smooth on the outside, textured on the inside. The hexagonal structure on the inside flexes and stretches to provide the best fit for different penis sizes.

Material: Natural latex
Thickness: 0,045 mm
Diameter: 54mm (standard size)
Length: 180 mm
Lightly perfumed
Natural color
With lubricant (non-spermicidal)