Menzstuff - Anal Shower


This anal douche has 9 holes in the mouthpiece, and a perfect angle for a deep cleaning. The bulb can hold 310 ml of water. The flexibility and shape of the mouthpiece make it easy and comfortable to insert. Squeeze the bulb after insertion to allow the fluid to flow through the 9 holes in the mouthpiece for thorough rectal cleaning and peace of mind when performing anal sex.


Anal shower with 9 hole mouthpiece

Perfect angle for a deep clean

310 ml bulb

Flexible and easy to insert

Product information 
Brand: MenzStuff
Color: Red Black
Warranty: ✓ 
Type of warranty: Standard  
Original name: 9 Hole Anal Shower 

Height: ? cm 
Diameter: ? cm 

Plasticizer-free: ✓ 
Materials:  ABS,PVC
Suitable lubricant: Water-based lubricant
Stimulation: Anal  

More specifications  
User level: Beginners
Weight: 250 gram 
EAN: 8719325086478