Dolce Piccante

Dolce Piccante - Metal Butt Plug with Big Tail

Color: Pink

Silver Anal Plug with Tail - Very stylish anal plug from the house brand Dolce Piccante. An ideal toy for those who are just discovering the world of anal pleasures. Maybe you don't like anal sex, but this fierce tail just looks sexy on your figure!


Give yourself true love. Metal makes the toy perfectly safe for the skin. Hypoallergenic material will not cause irritation and will stick to the body. The plug does not attract odors, it is easy to wash and even disinfect. You can use all lubricants with it.


The anatomical shape makes using the toy as comfortable as possible. The rounded, narrow tip not only penetrates easily into the most elastic areas of the body, but also fits in as comfortably as possible. With this plug you can make all movements and assume all poses - it is absolutely smooth, has no pointed corners, and feels natural in every position!


The toy will give a pleasant feeling of completeness, without causing any discomfort. A good thing for passionate foreplay or even hot role-playing - today you are a lusty fox, trying to ward off an angry hunter.


The clear fluffy tail makes the plug a real work of art: it is a decoration that only the innkeeper can see. The color of the tail can be chosen, so there is the possibility to choose a plug that is especially ideal for you.