Lovense - Nora App Controlled Vibrator


Nora was the first bluetooth vibrator. It allows you to control your toys through your smartphone, sync to music, give control control to a partner at any distance and have long distance sex! Nora's head rotates to allow you to hit the G-spot. The clitoral arm contains a vibrator, allowing double stimulation.

Close Range Control - Use your smartphone to adjust the air pump and vibration settings during solo play.

Long Distance Control - Our app allows a partner to take control from a distance.

Long Distance Sex - Able to sync with Nora by LOVENSE over the internet - allowing LDR couples to experience intimate.

- Rotating head has 3 g-spot stimulation settings
- Vibrating arm provides strong vibrations to the clitoris
- Spinning beads massage the walls of the vagina
- Fully waterproof