Lovense - Osci 2 App Controlled G-Spot Vibrator


Osci 2 is a new generation of oscillating g-spot sex toy with a stronger motor, an improved and more comfortable shape, a drastically improved battery life (up to 5 hours!), improved connectivity and a new charging method! [ MORE INFO]

Close Range Control - Tap and slide control interface is perfect for solo play or foreplay with a partner!

Distance Control - Our app allows a partner to take control from any distance.

Unlimited Patterns - Create, download and share vibration patterns.

Music-Based Vibrations - Sync with your favorite music.

Sound Activated - Our app uses your smartphone's microphone and vibrates based on the sounds around you.

- Oscillating Mechanism
- Accurate stimulation
- Perfect button position for playing solo or use with a partner
- Unique patent pending technology