Scandal - Over The Bed Cross


Tie your loved one tightly to the bed and fulfill their deepest desires with the Scandal Over the Bed Cross. The strong straps are fully adjustable to fit any size bed. The universal clamps and rings have a swivel design that makes changing position in the heat of battle a matter of seconds. As a dominant, you will enjoy your partner stretched out on the bed, completely immobilized by these unbreakable straps.

Your submissive will only be able to watch and moan with desire as you kiss, tease, and caress him to the point of ecstasy. As a submissive, you will enjoy the rush of placing complete trust in your partner to do exactly what they want and everything that drives you wild. The soft, plush wrist and ankle cuffs keep you comfortably bound no matter how hard you twist and pull on your cuffs.

The cross-like design keeps you completely exposed to your lover's admiring gaze and lustful hands for ultimate pleasure. Your dominant can tighten the straps to spread your legs as far apart as you dare to expose everything and give him access to all your most sensitive spots.

An incredibly sexy foray into the world of role-playing, promising a unique and naughty night of play for both dominant and submissive.