Scandal - Hog tie with Buoys


Surrender to your deepest desires and trust your lover to explore every inch of your body with the Scandal Hog Tie. This flattering binding is perfect for use with a trusted lover; with your wrists and ankles tightly tied behind your back, they will be free to realize all your fantasies as you lie back and enjoy every heightened sensation.

These beautiful red and black cuffs are fully adjustable and feature easy-to-open Velcro fasteners to quickly tie up and release the submissive. The soft and plush interior is guaranteed to keep you comfortable, even as you stretch and twist with pleasure in your tightly bound hog tie. Dominant and submissive alike will love the elegant fantasy-inspired designer fabric that lines the exterior of all four cuffs.

They're flattering, unique, and sure to make you feel irresistibly sexy, even in such a vulnerable position. The cuffs feature universal closures and O-rings with a swivel design, making changing position at the whim of your dominant a matter of seconds.

They're incredibly versatile and completely detachable, so it's easy to convert them into individual wrist and ankle cuffs when you're in the mood to switch things up. Explore your most forbidden fantasies and surrender your pleasure to your partner tonight.