Scandal - Love Sling


Position yourself for ecstasy with the Scandal Love Sling. This sling is incredibly easy to use and easy to release; just slip into the neck and thigh straps and adjust them to hug your body. The cuffs are adjustable up to 33,5 inches, so it fits and flatters every body type.

The love garland that keeps you firmly in place is adjustable up to 50,5 centimeters, so your dominant can keep your legs on the bed or high in the air for an irresistible view of your most seductive possession. The deluxe sling connects your neck to your thighs for perfect positioning; Use the cinch design to get your legs in just the right position to hit all your favorite spots.

The cuffs are soft and plush on the side that touches your skin, so your loved one can tie you loosely or keep you tightly tied without losing an ounce of cushion comfort. The cuffs and sling provide superior support to keep you relaxed (and tied up) during even the longest and most luxurious of lovemaking. Keep your legs in place for a flattering, outrageous view to spoil your loved one tonight...and treat yourself to a night of ecstasy.