Scandal - Over The Door Cross


Fasten your loved one in the sky tonight and fulfill all their wishes with the Scandal Over the Door cross. Set up and ready to go is a matter of moments: Throw the sturdy bar hooks over the door, strap your partner's wrists and ankles in the crotch-style design, and enjoy their exposed and vulnerable bodies. Every inch of their skin is yours to explore, whether your taste is sweet and sensual or you just love to push the boundaries.

Spread your loved one's legs wide for a look at their most sensitive spots, or tie them with bent legs for easy access to their folds and curves. For the submissive, the gorgeous red and black brocade wrist and ankle cuffs have adjustable hook and loop fasteners and an incredibly soft interior to keep you ultra-comfortable as you twist and squirm against your cuffs. With the user-friendly universal closures you can change position in an instant.

You will love the feeling of your loved one's eyes sweeping over your body as you hang helplessly above the ground, waiting in quivering anticipation for their first touch. Surrender your body and mind to your lover tonight as they carry out your deepest desires and use your body to fulfill their own desires. Realize every fantasy and push your limits tonight.