Scandal - Over The Door Cuffs


Hold on tight to these sturdy straps as your lover teases, pleases and takes you from behind. The Scandal Over the Door Cuffs provide perfect bondage for those desperately sensual, animalistic moments when the bed is just too far away. The wrist cuffs are fully adjustable and incredibly soft and plush; so, no matter how hard your crush takes you (or how hard you exert yourself), your arms will feel pampered and comfortable.

On the outside, the cuffs feature high quality red and black design fabric fit for a king or queen. You will feel dark, sexy and full of desire when your lover puts these on your wrists. The set features universal shackles and O-rings with swivel design so your dominant can keep you securely strapped in any position they choose. The sturdy, fully adjustable straps and bar hook keep you securely strapped to the door while your partner kisses, strokes, or spanks you to complete ecstasy. No matter how hard your knees tremble as they take you over the edge, collapse in pleasure won't be an option.

The cuffs are even removable for independent use: have your partner cuff you and keep your hands on the bed behind your back. Use them as a sexy little secret and accessorize your outfits. The possibilities are endless, so embrace your desires and relinquish control tonight.