Sir Richard's

Sir Richard's - Cuff & Collar Set


COMMAND. Made to play hard. Sir Richard's Cuff & Collar Set makes a strong statement. It allows the neck to be firmly secured together with both wrists, if desired. A sturdy, comfortable Heavy-Duty Collar wraps around the neck, while two Heavy-Duty Cuffs wrap each wrist with thick, durable industrial nylon straps that have fully adjustable stainless steel retaining rings, allowing for a controlled, custom fit every time.


Who's in COMMAND? Sir Richard's COMMAND collection is for serious BDSM connoisseurs who demand the best. The COMMAND components are forged from stainless steel and solid rivets, allowing for extreme fetish play. The professional quality carabiners can support hardcore play and provide complete control.

Use the carabiners to pair the Cuff & Collar Set with other COMMAND products for optimum versatility. Cuffs adjustable up to 30,48 cm Collar adjustable up to 50,8 cm 1 year limited warranty We've got you covered