Bijoux Indiscrets

Bijoux Indiscrets - Slow Sex Nipple Stimulation Gel


Did you know that nipples are one of the most sensitive areas of the body? Turn that sensitivity into pleasure, stimulating the nipples with the metallic applicator of this cooling-effect gel. A contrast of temperatures that will take you to climax and... don't stop there! Kiss the gel and transfer its cooling effect to other erogenous zones. Pssstttt, the cooling effect intensifies in the genital area.

- Metallic roll-on applicator: enhances play and contrasts with body temperature.
- Transferable cooling effect: contains Frescolat, a patented molecule that intensifies in intimate areas. Kiss the gel and enjoy oral sex!
- Compatible with toys and condoms.

How to use it?
Unscrew the lid to discover the metallic applicator. Apply the gel by rolling the applicator over the nipple, stimulating it until it becomes erect. You will feel a gentle cooling effect that you can transfer to other erogenous zones. Kiss it: when your lips touch the gel they will transfer it to wherever you kiss next.

Any tips?
If you love the cooling effect, feel free to store this gel in the fridge, where the cooling effect and contrast between the metal and your skin will intensify.