Bijoux Indiscrets

Bijoux Indiscrets - Slow Sex Warming Massage Oil


Shall we go straight to dessert? Increase the heat of your massages with this warming effect, coconut oil that invites you to caress, lick and kiss. Designed to surprise, when the massage reaches its height, blow gently on the oil-soaked skin to increase the exciting warming effect!

- To feel! A surprising warming effect that intensifies when you blow on a massaged skin.
- Touch! A soft texture that invites you to play.
- Kiss! Let your mouth participate too, the sweet taste increases the pleasure.

How to use?
Add a little oil to the area you want to massage and don't be afraid to use it near intimate areas as it is 100% compatible. Rub the oil into your hands and massage in gently. When you're done, blow on the skin to maximize the warming effect. Continue the massage with kisses, the sweet taste invites the lips too!

Any tips?
Classics are not classics for nothing. We've adjusted the warming effect of this balm so that it intensifies when you blow on the skin and surprise your partner. The soft texture, exotic aroma and sweet taste complete the experience, allowing you to enjoy a massage with all five senses.