Blush Novelties

Stay Hard - Double Loop Cock Ring

Color: Black

You want maximum performance. The Stay Hard Silicone Double Loop Cock Ring is soft, smooth, and fully adjustable. It features a lasso style locking slide. Press the button on the slider to open your ring. Attach your loop to the base of your cock or behind your balls. The second loop can be used to tie around your balls or in any creative configuration you desire. Press the button and pull the loop tight to create a tight yet comfortable fit. Your Stay Hard Loop Cock Ring will not pull on skin or body hair. Easy to wash with soap and water. You only deserve the best. Go Hard. Stay tough.


Fully adjustable to fit all sizes.

Double the fastening strength of single loop lassos.

Double closure with quick release function.

Simply slide over your penis, put on, loop the other half of the lasso behind your scrotum.