Swiss Navy

Swiss Navy - All Natural Lubricant Water Based


Why use Swiss Navy All Natural Lubricant?
Some people have very sensitive skin and have problems using certain products that contain chemical ingredients. A completely natural product like Swiss Navy All Natural Lubricant is easier and safer for them to use.

What makes Swiss Navy All Natural Lubricant superior to other natural lubricants?
Swiss Navy All Natural Lubricant contains a natural ingredient called carrageenan, which gives a silky smooth feel compared to other natural lubricants.

What are the other ingredients?
This natural formula contains deionized water, propanediol, xylitol, gluconolactone, sodium benzoate, and carrageenan. That is it. There are no parabens, glycerines or petroleum by-products.

Are their benefits other than that easier on the skin?
Yes. For peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women, Swiss Navy natural cream excellent in relieving vaginal dryness (atrophy vaginitis).

Is it safe to use with condoms?
Yes, because there is nothing in the formula that can damage a condom.

- Only natural ingredients, including carrageenan, which gives a silky feel
- Safer to use for people with very sensitive skin
- Relieves vaginal dryness and is safe for condom use

Product information:
Brand: Swiss Navy  
Color: Transparent
Warranty: Standard
Original name:  Swiss Navy - Lubricant All Natural 
EAN: 699439009601 (60ml), 699439009618 (120ml)