Swiss Navy

Swiss Navy - Toy & Body Cleaner Foam 210 ML


Swiss Navy Premium toy and body cleaner removes all lubricant residue from toys and the skin! It is easy to use and makes your skin feel great.

- Safe to use with latex, rubber and silicone toys
- Removes all types of lubricant including silicone
- Safe to use on your skin

With Swiss Navy Premium Toy and Body Cleaner, your toys get a superior cleaning, but more affordable compared to the leading brands.

Without proper cleaning, toys can become a breeding ground for things you don't want. After playing, spray the toy with a layer of cleaning agent. Wipe the toy with a clean cloth and then rinse with water. Let the toy air dry before next use. Swiss Navy Toy & Body Cleaner excels at cleaning toys where silicone lubricant has been used. Your toys will be well cleaned and your skin will feel great!