Tease & Please

Tease & Please - Truth Or Dare Erotic Party Edition Erotic Game


69 questions..., only the truth counts

69 challenges..., for those who dare

The makers of the worldwide beloved erotic game 'Ultimate Desire' now also release the well-known game 'Truth or Dare' in an erotic version! The game consists of 69 spicy questions and 69 challenging assignments. This game is daring, naughty and exciting!

'Truth or Dare' is for 3 or more friends. Use the coin to determine which card to take. With a 'Truth' card you only earn points with an honest answer. The more detailed the better. With a 'Dare' card you get points if you complete the challenging assignment. Do you not want to answer the question or do you really not want to do the assignment? No problem, but the points will be deducted from you. Everything is allowed, but nothing is necessary. How far do you dare to go?

Some of the questions and assignments:

- Lie on your back, blindfolded, with your hands next to your body. The other players now each place one hand on your body. Tell whose hand is where.

- What's your naughtiest fantasy?

- Spanking! Ask the player to your left for spanking. Three taps are enough.

- The person to your right hides a coin under his clothes. You have to find it with your eyes closed.

You play Truth or Dare Erotic Party Edition with your friends (18+) just before you go out, during a party or when you just feel like 'excitement and sensation' as a group. The spicy game guarantees a candid and hilarious time. If you play for points, determine in advance what the winner can expect (from the loser).

In short, Truth or Dare! ...who dares?