Tease & Please

Tease & Please - Truth or Dare Erotic Couples Erotic Game


69 questions..., only the truth counts

69 challenges..., for those who dare

After the success of the well-known game 'Truth or Dare Erotic Party Edition' for friends, MOODZZ has now also developed an 'Erotic Couple(s) Edition'.

The game again consists of 69 very personal questions and 69 challenging assignments in the erotic field. This game is daring, very exciting and it brings you much closer to your partner sexually!

This daring erotic game is basically intended for one couple, but what if you play it with several? Do you choose your own partner for an assignment or…? Everything in good consultation, of course.

Use the 'Truth or Dare coin' to determine which card to take. With a Truth card, you only earn points with an honest (detailed) answer. With a Dare card you get points if you complete the challenging assignment. The number of hearts on each card determines the number of points you can earn. Do you not want to answer the question or do you really not want to do the assignment? No problem, but the points will be deducted from you. Everything is allowed, but nothing is necessary. How far do you dare to go (together)?

A selection of the Truths and Dares:

- For at least 30 seconds, imitate how your orgasm builds up slowly and finally explodes. Use your whole body (if applicable) and make yourself heard.

- What would you, sexually speaking, love to do with your partner, but have you never done with him or her?

- Do you dare to bet that, using only your tongue, you can find at least five different 'erogenous zones' in your partner. Go ahead and know that your partner will be fair yet strict in your assessment.

Truth or Dare Erotic Couple(s) Edition is played as a couple (or with several couples). This daring and very spicy game guarantees a candid, hilarious and exciting time. If you play for points, determine in advance what the winner can expect (from the loser).

In short, Truth or Dare Erotic Couple(s) Edition... who dares?