Obsessive - Wonderia Teddy


How candid do you dare to be?


Candid Sex Conversations contains over 100 varied, surprising and challenging questions and assignments that will tempt you and your teammates to be sincere about the sexiest topics. Take turns imagining the moment you walk into the bedroom wearing sexy straps and sensual lace. Can you already picture his excited look? Wonderia can help you get it! This time you are going to surprise him like never before. With this super seductive teddy in a unique design, you can start every night with a special warm-up!


Fall in love with its details:


unique teddy of beautiful lace and elastic straps


perfectly fitting cut


adjustable straps for complete wearing comfort


subtle lace bra in cute design


neckline decorated with lace straps - extremely seductive bust look!


seductive bow between the cups, under the belly and above the buttocks - a coquettish look


elastic straps enclosing waist, stomach and back - unique connection


the bottom of the teddy is an imitation of lace thong with sexy straps  


soft and stretchy fabrics (90% polyamide, 10% elastane)